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Welcome to Haunted Swamp Designs

I am so glad you found me in my little part of cyberspace!

Thanks for visiting! Have a nice visit and take your time!

I love Halloween, but I do other art too.

Here you will find bits and pieces of items for sale from.....
The Haunted Swamp!

All of my work is created in my home studio in N. E. Ohio. Most of my art is painted with acrylic and watercolor, sometimes a mix of both.

You can find me on EBay. My seller ID is hauntedswampdesigns.

You also can find me on Etsy. My seller ID is hauntedswampdesigns.

Inspired from all things Magical, Spooky, Haunting and Whimsical! From Haunted Places, Gourds, Fat Bottom or Sassy Cats to Monochromatic landscapes you never know what I may paint next!

MY GOURDS....From growing the gourds to drying them, preparation... start to finish, each one is always different. I never completely cover my gourds with clay. That way you'll always know there's a real gourd used. I incorporate oven-baked clay and paper clays into my art in unique ways. I personally hand paint every piece. I do not produce my work fast but always with great love and care.

Oh did I mention my gourds are grown at the edge of my Haunted Swamp?!?.

MY ART.... Please check out my paintings, painted wood and ACEO cards. I try to always have something new going on!
Please notice my witches do not live in shabby homes, with all their magic they have pretty nice homes... don't you!

Yes, I have my very own haunted swamp! Would you like to come and play? Strange things happen there! My gourds are grown near the edge of the swamp, they maybe haunted! Watch out!. The Swamp Master even captures the flower faeries and changes them into Swamp Faeries. I hear strange sounds coming from there....very scary!


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